Comfortable Network Anywhere

    banner5_2.jpgAre you a business man and running around the world? Most of Wi-Fi and local ISPs of several countries are discomfort to use because of packet filtering or censorship. So set up your private relay server on your home PC and use it from fields to gain ease.


    Back to Your Home Network Anytime from Oversea

    When you are traveling around the world you will notice that some hotel-room networks, airport Wi-Fi and local ISPs are restricting their IP networks with packet filters. The policies of IP network restrictions are vary around the world, however most of outside networks are filled with restrictions.

    SoftEther VPN helps you to keep the comfortable Internet access environment while you are traveling around the world. Before you depart your home you should install SoftEther VPN Server on your home PC. From the outside hotel room or Wi-Fi, you can connect to your SoftEther VPN Server on home. Then you can access to the Internet via your home. It means that your home PC is providing the relay function between your laptop PC and the Internet. All packets toward the Internet are through your home PC, so you are not restricted by the local Internet access policy of your staying country. You can enjoy YouTube, Facebook or Twitter even if you are traveling in a Middle East country. You can gain the comfortable network from anywhere.