11.6 Additional Compatibility Information


    This section contains additional information regarding compatibility issues when using SoftEther VPN.

    11.6.1 A Missing Number

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    11.6.2 Relationship With Mitsubishi Materials Corporation's SoftEther CA

    SoftEther VPN was developed from a completely different source tree than that of SoftEther CA 1.x, which is an old version of SoftEther 1.0 that is sold by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. SoftEther CA 1.x is a completely separate piece of software and as such is not compatible with SoftEther VPN in any way.

    SoftEther does not offer any support for SoftEther CA 1.x.

    11.6.3 A Missing Number

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    11.6.4 Compatibility With Other VPN Products

    SoftEther VPN has been designed so that it can be compatible with other VPN products (software or hardware) using the SoftEther VPN protocol that may appear in the future. Therefore, it is likely that if this type of VPN software or hardware does appear in the future it will be able to operate together with SoftEther VPN.