11.4 Additional Security Information

    This section contains additional information regarding security when using SoftEther VPN.

    11.4.1 Dealing With Viruses or Worms on Your VPN

    Refer to section 11.2.7 Using an IDS to View Packets Going In/Out of a Virtual Hub if you want to monitor packets on your VPN for viruses, worms, or other attacks when using SoftEther VPN.

    Viruses or worms could also possibly enter the system through the Virtual Network Adapter on the VPN Client side. To prevent this you can use your normal third party anti-virus or firewall software. However, please note that some of these software packages do not work well with SoftEther VPN.

    11.4.2 Is there any danger of my VPN Client service being controlled remotely immediately after installing VPN Client before I have configured it?

    As explained in section 4.7.1 Remote Management of VPN Client, the VPN Client service program can be controlled remotely from another computer via VPN Client Manager or vpncmd, but this feature is disabled by default. Therefore, there is no danger of the VPN Client service being controlled remotely immediately after