8.1 Before Install


    This section describes the precautions to take before installing SoftEther VPN Client.


    8.1.1 Checking the Operating Environment

    Before installing SoftEther VPN Client to a computer, check that the computer hardware and operating system support SoftEther VPN Client.

    SoftEther VPN Client supports Windows and Linux; however, this product formally supports only operating systems with Windows 2000 or later. SoftEther VPN Client can be installed on other operating systems, but SoftEther VPN Project is not responsible for its operations, so caution must be exercised. For information about the operating environment of SoftEther VPN Client, please refer to Specifications.

    Before installing SoftEther VPN Client, be sure to back up data stored in the installation directory of the computer (including the system registry in Windows).

    This manual describes the installation method for the Windows version of VPN Client. The Linux version of VPN Client is not supported, so no description of the installation method is provided here. In addition, if you do not have an understanding of how to install the Linux version of VPN Client, do not use this version of VPN Client.


    8.1.2 Network Connection Environment

    To connect VPN Client to the desired VPN Server, you must use one of the following methods to enable VPN communication between the computer to which VPN Client is installed and the computer running the desired VPN Server.

    • Direct TCP/IP Connection
    • Connection Via HTTP Proxy Server
    • Connection Via SOCKS Proxy Server

    If you are unsure whether the environment network for VPN connection on VPN Client satisfies the above information, please contact your network administrator in advance to see if you can use VPN Client.

    For more information about the above three connection methods, please refer to 4.4 Making Connection to VPN Server.

    8.1.3 Conflicting Software

    It is essential that you make sure that the operation speed of VPN Client is not adversely affected and client operations are not disrupted by software conflicts that can occur when VPN Client is installed on a client computer with a personal firewall or antivirus software from a different manufacturer.

    If there are signs that the VPN functions are not operating properly due to a conflict with this type of software, temporarily disable that software and try operating VPN Client again.