9.1 Before Install

    This section describes the precautions to take before installing SoftEther VPN Bridge.


    9.1.1 Checking the Operating Environment

    Before installing SoftEther VPN Bridge to a computer, check that the computer hardware and operating system support SoftEther VPN Bridge .

    SoftEther VPN Bridge supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X; however, this product formally supports only operating systems with Windows 2000 or later and certain Linux distributions. SoftEther VPN Bridge can be installed on other operating systems, but SoftEther VPN Project is not responsible for its operations. For information about the operating environment of SoftEther VPN Bridge , please refer to Specifications.

    Before installing SoftEther VPN Bridge , be sure to back up data stored in the installation directory of the computer (including the system registry in Windows).

    9.1.2 Hard Disk Space

    As described in 3.10 Logging Service, SoftEther VPN Bridge writes large operation log files to the hard disk during operation. In addition, when the hard disk space reaches a certain size, VPN Bridge deletes the oldest log files written to the hard disk during VPN Bridge operation.

    Although the data size of logs written by VPN Bridge varies greatly depending on the operation status of VPN Bridge , the number of users connected on a daily basis, and the selection of saved packet log items configured by the virtual hub administrator, as a guideline, it is a good idea to have between 30 and 100 GB of available disk space when using VPN Bridge for a general remote-access VPN or for a VPN connection between bases.

    9.1.3 CPU Processing Speed

    The processing speed of VPN Bridge depends on the CPU speed. Therefore, check that the CPU speed of the hardware you want to use as the VPN Bridge computer has sufficient speed. If the CPU speed is too slow, we recommend upgrading the system.

    As a guideline for the CPU speed, we recommend providing a CPU with a speed of 2.0 GHz or faster when connecting to a network using a physical line with a communication speed of 100 Mbps. If the CPU speed is too slow, the communication delay time can increase and throughput can decrease.


    9.1.4 Conflicting Software

    It is essential that you make sure that the operation speed of VPN Bridge is not adversely affected and server operations are not disrupted by software conflicts that can occur when VPN Bridge is installed on a computer with a personal firewall or antivirus software from a different manufacturer. If there are signs that the VPN functions are not operating properly due to a conflict with this type of software, we recommend temporarily disabling that software and try operating VPN Bridge again.

    Please note that VPN Bridge conflicts with VPN Server. Generally, VPN Server does not need to be installed on the same computer on which VPN Bridge is installed.